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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Four Tips To Increase Traffic To Your Website

There is no silver bullet or magic formula to increase traffic to your website! Rather, the best way to increase traffic is to start from the beginning with well-designed, search engine friendly web pages. Here are some search engine ranking tips that will help you to increase traffic by building clear, easy to read web pages.

1. Keep it simple:

Your web page should be clear and easy to read. It should be easily read by the people who will be viewing it, and if you are interested in search engine rankings, it should be simple from the stand point of search engines. This tip is particularly important, and often overlooked by many web designers.

A page may look simple if you just view it in your browser, but you have to look at the html code to see if it is really simple. Look at your page in a text program like notepad or the html view of popular editors such as Front Page or Dreamweaver. On what line does your first line of actual text begin? If you have a complicated table structure or long strings of java script, then your first line of actual text may be pushed far down the page. It might even be on line 100 of your html code. Clean up the code by putting java script in external files, take out spaces, and see if you can take out tables that are not necessary. If you can't do this by yourself, get professional help. It is very important.

2. Don't try any "smart" tricks:

It is counterproductive to attempt to trick or fool the search engines. Don't put your keywords in invisible text (the same color as the background) or otherwise stuff your pages with keywords in hopes of getting a higher ranking. If you get a queasy feeling, a feeling that what you are doing is not right, stop right away. Once again, if you are not sure, then take the advice of someone who has experience in this field.

3. Each web page should be clearly focused and reflect only a few main points:

If you want to optimize your pages for a particular keyword then this particular search engine ranking tip is most important. A well focused page will help you with the search engines, by clearly showing the main keywords, and it will also help you communicate your message to the humans who are actually viewing your web pages.

4. Once you have established the focus of each page, take steps to place your keywords in the strategic places of all of your pages:

The keywords should appear in the title tag, in the headlines (using header tags such as h1, h2, h3, h4 etc.), in the first paragraph or two of text and in text links on the page. Rather than try to do this after the page has been written. It is better to keep this in mind as you write the copy and prepare the web page, and do it as part of the process. However, if your pages are already online, you can modify them keeping this and other tips in mind.

If you implement these tips you have a better chance of improving your performance in search engines. This should result in increased traffic and in achieving your overall goals.

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